A Dumb single Mother with 9 Children each from a different Father

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Above is single mother who is dumb with nine children each child with a different father.Men always take advantage of her being dumb, sexually harass her, they impregnate her after they run and abandon her with the children, she lives in a small single room in the slums of Lungujja-Kosovo in Uganda which was donated to her by the community, when it heavily rain the house is always filled up with rain water which put the lives of the children and mother at stake, whatever she has in the house get spoiled for example; Clothes, beddings, utensils, food among others. Katika Child Africa (KCA) through its Empower the children, youth and women initiative started for her a small daily income business of selling fruits and vegetables which could help her get some money to sustain the basic needs of life for herself and children. she was doing well because people were buying and supporting her, unfortunately it was short lived due to the heavy rain that came one day and swept away everything she was selling from the toll yet she was not saving all the profit she could make on the daily basis were used on feeding the children and other emergency needs. KCA mobilised the Village Health Team (VHT) to educate her about family planning and its importance so she understood the concept and agreed to using family planning to help her avoid unwanted pregnancies.

The poor dumb mother and her nine children are living a despicable life due to the fact that they lack the basic necessities of life, the house is in a sorry state and this has impacted on their lives economically in a way that they lack income to sustain the family , school fees is another hardship where by this single mother lacks resources to take her children to school, due to lack of a reliable source of income yet almost all her children have reached the age of going to school yet they are just seated at home and loitering all over the community and this make the situation heart breaking because she has girl children who are at a risk of sexual harassment and rape given the situation and the environment they live in.

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