Hands on Skills

We are advocating for technical vocations skills to equip the youths with the hope of earning a living at all cost.


Many young children have failed to get any sort of Education and a very big percentage in Uganda have dropped out of school due to a couple factors and Katika Child Africa together with corporate partners are working to narrow the gap.

Malnutrition and Hunger

Despite significant progress over recent decades,poor nutrition remains a colossal and universal problem with 1 out 3 people on the planet affected by some form of malnutrition.

Clean Water

Spring wells have played a major role in providing clean water but if built well with good materials and care, many lives benefit from such developments.

Child Protection

We are fighting cases like degrading,intimidating,terrorizing,isolating, restraining,confining,corrupting,exploiting,spurning,withholding affection and belittling the child's capabilities,qualities and desires or otherwise behaving in a manner that is harmful or insensitive to the child's development.

Community Outreach Activities

With the help of our partners and well wishers we are able to provide life's basic necessities with an aim of improving the lives of the vulnerable.


75%of the workforce and 55% of youth in Uganda are engaged in the agriculture sector, and Uganda is addressing youth unemployment, in part, by creating more opportunities for rural youth to become involved in the sector. Katika Child Africa is connecting youth to these opportunities.

About Katika Child Africa

Katika Child Africa is a charity nonprofit, child and youth-centered serving organization based in Uganda seeking to promote and empower wellbeing of young people with specific emphasis on Education &Literacy empowerment, Child protection, Health, Enhancement of gender equality and girl child support, Promotion of youth livelihood, developing leadership and talents among young people.

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