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Having weighed the gravity of the matter and after presenting the food/hunger situation report to Ugandan Cabinet on the May 06, 2019 Cabinet directed the release of sh40bn for procurement of emergency relief food to be delivered to communities at risk.

The delayed onset of first season rains, storm-winds, and hailstones caused food shortage and led to a high prevalence of crop diseases and pests such as African cassava mosaic, cassava brown streak, and fall-army warms that affected output in Karamoja, Teso, Bukedi, Lango and parts of Busoga.


In order to archive our goals, putting an end to the food insecurity that blights the lives of more millions of people worldwide is the work of many. To pursue this goal, the Katika Child Africa (KCA) project  wishes to work collaboratively with a couple of partners, including governments, private sector, international finance groups, academia, NGOs and other civil society groups around the world.

KCA has always relied on partnerships to drive our activities and we are committed to working with a wide range of partners in new ways, including leveraging multi-stakeholder partnerships, to better meet children's needs and leave no one behind.  This new way of working together serves as a pillar of KCA’s strategic plan bring success to our goals.

Partnerships should contribute to shared objectives, and deliver increased efficiency and effectiveness. This approach is articulated in the WFP’s Corporate Partnership Strategy (CPS). WFP’s approach to partnering is rooted in strong principles and a consistent understanding of the value of partnership, and is responsive to the different strengths, weaknesses and needs of different partners.

Partners provide KCA with human, financial and technical resources; information, monitoring and evaluation and analysis; as well as capabilities to support programmes and operations. Policy and advocacy partners, such as government and non government bodies help KCA define policies and strategies at the global, regional and local level and support advocacy to achieve our organisation's goals.






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Katika Child Africa is a charity nonprofit, child and youth-centered serving organization based in Uganda seeking to promote and empower wellbeing of young people with specific emphasis on Education &Literacy empowerment, Child protection, Health, Enhancement of gender equality and girl child support, Promotion of youth livelihood, developing leadership and talents among young people.

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