Who we are

Katika Child Africa is an advocacy and action centered organization championing the rights of Children, Girls and Women in Uganda. The organization works to see children live peacefully and benefit from quality education, enjoy gender violence-free generation, economic security, avoid child marriages and teenage pregnancies and prosper with access to clean water, good health care and nutrition. We believe that changing long-held societal practices and traditions requires a unique approach; and working closely with Parliamentarians to end child marriage is one of them.

Principles and Values


   - Being honest, open and transparent in their dealing
   - Using powers responsibly
   - Reporting improper conduct
   - Avoiding real or apparent conflicts of interest.
   - Striving to earn and sustain public trust at the highest level.


    - Making decisions and providing advice on merit without bias, caprice, favoritism or self- interest
    - Acting fairly by objectively considering all relevant facts and applying fair criteria
    - Implementing government policies and programs equitably.


    - Working to clear objectives in a transparent manner
    - Accepting responsibility for their decisions and actions
    - Seeking to achieve best use of resources
    - Submitting themselves to appropriate scrutiny.


    -Treating others fairly and objectively
    - Ensuring freedom from discrimination, harassment and bullying
    - Using their views to improve outcomes on an ongoing basis.


    - Actively implementing, promoting and supporting these values.






Our Vision

"A better life for the African Child"

Mission Statement

"To create opportunities for the economically vulnerable slum children, youth and Women to access the basic human needs and for promotion of self –sustenance"

Our Mission

We also have a rich history of creating our own Projects that rely on innovative approaches to solving long-standing, entrenched social & economic problems.

We believe that problems are best solved with compassionate listening to those directly living the issues, and in building action-oriented partnerships based on trust and mutual cooperation to achieve new goals.

As an organization we have served as leaders on a number of societal issues that impact the children, and relish a challenge to change out-date paradigms & usher in new ways that benefit & elevate all.

We are proud of our strong work ethic, our compassionate dedication to children & communities, and our “can-do” spirit. We deliver high quality work in an efficient and well-organized manner that is effective ~ and results oriented. Our guiding principles are honesty, transparency, and service.

We welcome your Partnership; whether it is to fulfill your Project needs or to Support us in our own uniquely designed Programs - together as One we can Create Change for the Better.




About Katika Child Africa

Katika Child Africa is a charity nonprofit, child and youth-centered serving organization based in Uganda seeking to promote and empower wellbeing of young people with specific emphasis on Education &Literacy empowerment, Child protection, Health, Enhancement of gender equality and girl child support, Promotion of youth livelihood, developing leadership and talents among young people.

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